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19 October 2008


Debbie from Henley

Here are a few more ideas...

Walks and Picnics

Walk and picnic at the Arboretum on the left just before you get into Nuneham Courtenay on the A4074. You just pay about £2 to park. There are loads of fab old Rhododendrons for climbing/ making camps in; peacocks and other birds wandering around and various statues around the site. It's beautiful in the Autumn and a relaxing place to walk and have a picnic.

Walk To the Pub!

You can walk from the Henley College playing fields through 'Happy Valley' all the way up to the Maltsters Arms - takes about an hour to get there with 6 year olds plus. The journey back is more downhill and there are rabbits, cows, horses and sheep to spot. The route is in a handy little walks book called Walks Around Henley on Thames by Faith Wishlade. Published by Oxfordshire County Council. ISBN: 9 780954169008. Should be available from the local tourist office.

Tasting of Autumn events at RHS Gardens

We went to the Wisley Apple Tasting event last year with our three children - they had about 40 varieties of apples to taste - we tasted everyone and then each decided which was our favourite and bought the most popular ones to plant in our garden. There was also loads of things to do with the kids - pumpkin painting and carving, lots of other food to taste, some cookery demos and great gardens to run around. This year the event is too early for half term but if you want a trip up North there's events from 25th oct to 2nd November at Harlow Carr in Harrogate (including Apple Festival, Pumpkin Day and Mushroom Magic). details at www.rhs.org.uk/harlowcarr.


If we are at home all week we usually have a day when the kids do most of the cooking - we've done pizza (making our own from scratch), fish cakes, loads of cakes and biscuits, cheese straws to mention but a few. They each cook something - a great way to get them to try new things (if a bit on the messy side).

Science Museum

Fantastic place - loads of planes, ships, interactive bits and a 3d cinema - you can lose yourself there for hours.

Something I haven't done but would like to try is going on those amphibious tours where you ride in a big yellow vehicle which can go on the river and the road - can't remember the name but they run in London. Sorry not that helpful I know!!

Day Trip to Bath

We had a lovely day in Bath with the children last year - there is tonnes to see and do - we went to the Roman Baths where you have 'telephones' to tell you all about the baths - there are different commentaries and things to spot for children. It really brought it all to life. Also great shopping. There's a big Park (Victoria Park) where there is pitch and putt too. If you want great food with atmosphere which is easy with kids try a little place called The Walrus and Carpenter which is close to the Theatre. You can get to Bath on the train from Reading or driving takes about 1.5 hours or less.


We went on one of those amphibious tours on Monday in Liverpool; we had a tour of the city centre as a bus and then splashed down into the Albert Dock with us all singing 'We're all in a Yellow Duck-Marine'! The kids loved it!!

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