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01 November 2008


Jo Beaufoix

Hi Susanna. I would love to host the February 3rd slot if that's still free. Great idea. :D

Rosie Scribble

Hi Susanna, I'm happy to host it on June 9th. Let me know.

Nadine Hill

Hi Susanna
I would love to welcome the mummy bloggers to 'Time Management Mum' on 23rd June.

I'll even lay on 'virtual tea and biscuits'!

Let me know!

More than Just a Mother

I keep missing these - such an idiot. Is Natalie definitely still hosting the next one - it's awfully close to her due date!

Rebel Mother

Hi Susanna

I'd like to host a carnival - let me know if you need me




I'd love to host one too x


Hi Susanna,
Are you still looking for more hosts? If so, I'd love to host the carnival!
Sandy x

Muddling Along Mummy

If you're still looking for hosts I'd be glad to host the carnival !


Hi my blog is called New Mummy not mummy new, could you please change it, thank you


I'd love to host the carnival in the New Year! Just let me know.


I'd be up for hosting the carnival in 2010!


Heck, any room before 2011? We'd love to host a carnival, not least so we can reveal how many bloggers love the Capital Choir singing Lily Allen's 'Chinese' (there's an ode to mum in there, promise!). Love angels & urchins blog.


I'd love to host a carnival. If I start sticking my sequins and feathers on now, my costume will be ready by mid 2010!


i'd love to do a carnival in 2010 :) could you squeeze me in? xx

Annette Kerr


What a great idea! I never knew there were so many great British mummy blogs out there!

I would like to host a carnival at my www.mammakerr.com site early 2010, if you can squeeze me in?!

Thank you, and keep up the good work!



Can I be a part of it if I am not British, don't live in the UK, but have been part of a British Mums forum for almost 4 years, have made loads of Brit friends and want to be a part of it? Please??? :-)

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