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02 December 2008


Susanna (A Modern Mother)

Don't get me started on advent calendars...

There must be a story with the friends with the peeing dog and I won't even mention the black sheep comment!

Alisa Bowman

This was hilarious. I always send my holiday letter (makes me feel better to call it that) sometime in Jan. I figure it won't get lost in all of the Christmas mail--and there are lots of Jan holidays here in the states.

My only goals (Santa swear) are: get a tree and put it up before Christmas day. Buy gifts for kidlet and wrap them and put them under the tree before Christmas day.

Thanks for allowing me to feel normal!!!


Enjoyed your funny letter to "Santer"(referred by AModernMother via Twitter).
Very worthy goals - very Martha Stewart!
Hey, while you are getting so much accomplished, how about world peace from you and Santer? :)
Merry Christmas!


I love the goals. Aim high.

Part Mummy Part Me

What a commendable list! I feel shamed..I haven't started my Christmas shopping yet, only intend to buy for immediate family,am not doing Christmas cards and am only contributing roast potatoes, yorkshire puddings and gravy to the Christmas dinner. Slack? Moi?!

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