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10 December 2008


Just a Plane Ride Away

Oh dear. I fear I laughed at your expense while reading this post. I do like your idea of hiring one of your husband's employees. Perhaps he could slip you a few resumes?

And that is the truth about dogs. We have one, imported from Texas, who loves this cold, frosty, wet weather. She's 1/2 English pointer, so maybe being back in the Motherland makes her feel connected to the winter.

Susanna (A Modern Mother)

I could have written this post. Did you spend the morning with me?


We have cats. They are much more independent than dogs. I don't think I could handle one more creature great or small being dependent on me. Between dh and three kids, I am busy enough. Well, that is not completely true, a baby is never a burden :)

Don't worry so much about the house, there is always time for chores there will not always be kidlets to nurture and adore.

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