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28 January 2009


Susanna (A Modern Mother)

Good luck going back. I went back after number two, but when three came along I found it too difficult.

Would really like to wee alone though ;-)


Go for it, I went back to work full time when K was 6 months old. My Antenatal group were horrified!


I'm a stay-at-home mum by default -- I can't afford childcare to go back to work! I dream of the same things though, especially drinking a cup of tea in peace. Your post made me laugh out loud at least twice -- very good in my book!

More than Just a Mother

Thanks everyone :) I have now been back for three whole days. I have so much good blogging material as a result - just no time to write it...!


This post actually had me in tears of laughter! It was brilliant - so honest and unpretentious and a very real snapshot of what it can be like to speak your mind around 'Other Mothers'. Glad to hear you're enjoying work and look forward to hearing more about it :-)

beta mum - even more beta now I'm back at work full time

I've been back full time for a year now (after 4 years working part-time from home) and I enjoy the job, being part of a team and all that.
But I hate, hate, hate the lack of holidays.
And I've had to cede most domestic control to Their Father - which is Very Difficult for a control freak like me, who always knows best.

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