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17 January 2009


Susanna (A Modern Mother)


We went through a big pink phase here. With three girls, you can imagine opening a wardrobe full of all shades of pink (and purple of course).

We finally branched out a bit, we have a few browns, blues and greens!

Coding Mamma (Tasha)

You lasted much longer than we did. I think we lasted about three months, before resigning ourselves to the fact that she would mostly be in pink. And that was mostly because neither of us could face the 'Oh, what a lovely little boy.' time and time again. I still try to go for a lot more blues and greens and reds and burgandys and, at the very least, darker pinks, but it is a losing battle, especially when relatives cannot understand why we would not want to dress our pretty little girl in pretty little pink dresses. Gah!

More than just a mother

Sorry, but when I learned I was expecting two little girls, my heart raced with the exciting prospect of shopping for PINK, PINK, PINK!!!

Part Mummy Part Me

My friend was expecting a girl and was adamant she wouldn't be a Pink Girl.

Her wish came true..baby Erin was born with a surprising shock of bright red hair. She looks terrible in pink. My friend is searching high and low for baby clothes in Emerald Green...

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