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22 January 2009


Susanna (A Modern Mother)

Hang in there!

Coding Mamma

I feel for you. We pay an accountant to do our actual tax returns, but I always put off going through everything filing it all together and so on. Every year I say I'm going to get it all ready at the start of May, and every year I get a call or email from the accountant in December or January asking if we still want them to do our tax returns. Anything to do with money makes my head hurt. I could sit and do pages of sums quite happily, but as soon as you stick a pound sign in front of the numbers, I lose the ability to add 2 and 2.

Good luck and hope you get it all finished in time!


This was one of the first things I read this morning and it's reminded me that I need to pull my finger out and finish my first self-assessment. Fortunately, because I became self-employed on 31st Jan, I only have 2 months to file... Jeez you'd think I'd have done it by now! Good luck :-)

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