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13 January 2009


Susanna (A Modern Mother)

We're not there yet too. I'm not much good in this regard, I just got told off my daughter's reception teacher for using the word potty.


My daughter always called her's 'bits'. it works for us, she knows the proper terms now as she is 9. Still calls it bits though.

Coding Mamma

We are not there yet, either. Still use the anatomically inaccurate 'bum' for everything down there. My mum always used 'fanny', which I recall finding increasingly embarassing the older I got.


There are no good words really. We've settled on 'giny' as a shortening of vagina it's cuter that 'front bottom' or 'bits'. 'Fanny' is frankly too 1970's and one of my friends at 30 insisted she was getting her 'Minnie' waxed which is just so wrong ;)


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