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19 January 2009


Coding Mamma (Tasha)

Very useful, thank you Susanna.


this is a brilliant post and really easy to follow, it's nice to see everything written in plain English as most of the sites I look at for advice are all about coding and their advice often doesn't match up with the features on my wordpress blog...thanks very much!

More than just a mother

All really useful stuff - thanks Susanna!

New Mum, Same Old Me

Thanks for all this information. It has really helped me to set up my own blog.

I think I have just lost what spare time I did have to blogging...

Jeff Paul Internet Millions

Now this is very interesting, impressive and never thought of. In simple words well done for providing creative information.


I am relatively new in blogging and sure thing need some help and experience. Your advice together with the book I've downloaded ( http://file.sh/blogger+tips+torrent.html )was a real help to me. Thanks a lot!

Urban Barefoot Mama

Thank you. This is great, simple and accessible for a new blogger.

There's some new bits for my to do list!



Many thanks - I'm new to blogging too. I'm also uncertain about blogging etiquette, so any more unwritten rules would be really useful!


Hi, thats great advice! Thank you hope I Can interest some one in my Blog about a single mother back in the world of dating!

gammamummy x

Dulwich Divorcee

Thanks so much for the lovely mention, Susanna! A great guide to get people blogging. I started blogging myself after reading Dulwich Mum and have met loads of other fantastic bloggers through the BMB

Maternity Clothes

Thanks for the guide, I have just started my own blog, so I need tips and help!

new fathers

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Justine Sudbury

Hi I have a Blog in my online boutique web site, and have just written one on British Mummy Blogger.
I have a category in my Blog called 'It’s all about me'
I don’t really want to have a separate Blog page, but is this the right thing to do? I do want to help my business along the way, but my blogs in this category are just about me.
Am I going about things the right way?

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