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01 February 2009


Coding Mamma (Tasha)

I love old-fashioned names. My daughter's name is Rosemary - named after two of her grandmothers (Rose and Mary) and also chosen because it can be shortened in many different ways, giving her the opportunity to choose her own preferences (at two and a half, she's already settled on Rosie, though I imagine the teenage years may see other versions).

She is the only Rosemary at nursery school. And I like that. It means we can just write Rosemary on her clothing labels, instead of the full name. It means that if you call her name in a playground, only she will respond (or the 80-year-old lady having a rest on the bench), rather than five other little girls.

Susanna (A Modern Mother)

I'm a bit of an old-fashioned girl myself...

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