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28 February 2009


Rosie Scribble

A total cost of £1500 is brilliant. And I love the idea of using a Facebook events page. Ingenious! Good luck with your preparations although it sounds as if you have most angles covered.

Coding Mamma

Sounds fantastic! Think we spent about that, too, and had a perfect day with a great party. I also spent more on my dress than any of the other components. And, even though I've only worn it twice (had a second reception up in Scotland for hubby's relatives), it was definitely worth it and exactly the dress I wanted which happened to be on sale with £400 off. We did all the food ourselves, with the help of various relatives and their ovens. And we only spent about £200 on the honeymoon as we got almost £1000 in money gifts from our guests (requested money towards honeymoon, or nothing, as we'd been living together for 7 years already and had everything we needed).

Your friend's Burlesque Fire Hoola-Hooping show sounds amazing.

I think it's very possible to have a wonderful day and not break the bank and am always quite shocked at the £20,000 average wedding price tag that I see bandied about the press.


what a great idea - have you worked out cost of paying full price for everything? it would be quite a big sum. my favourite weddings are always the ones with a personal touch an not a sniff of the bridezilla about them. I hope it goes well

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