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28 April 2009



Have had many bad experiences with shopping trolleys. However, do not recall having drawn blood.

Main problem I have with shopping trolleys is leaving hand bags attached that shopping trolley collectors have kindly given away to a slightly sharper and morally bankrupt passerbys.

A Modern Mother

CB -- that sounds very interesting, leaving your hand bag in the trolley... Did you get it back?


Wow that's so nice of them. I had a horrible experience in Woolworths a few years ago when my daughter slipped on something that had been left on the floor and smacked her face very hard on a low shelf which left a big dent in her nose. We were made to leave the shop, even though she was in shock. Everyone was horrified and I was beside myself and left outside with a bloody faced child. Thankfully she was young enough that her nose was still soft so it didn't break and after a visit to A&E we were assured it would repair. Still makes me wince thinking about it.

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