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11 May 2009


Rosie Scribble

Sounds like a very worrying trend. I suppose all anyone can really do is make sure their childrn feel happy and secure at home, so if things are tough in school they have somewhere to talk about it. Not sure what answers there are to this problem.


I find this trend incredibly worrying. I have been in the process of moving back to London for the last year and half and I keep putting it off because of all the problems with uk schools. My son started schooling in Italy and he's very happy I am worried a change would cause all sorts of problems.


I remember feeling very confused and sad when my young boys really didn't like school. I though that bright social kids who loved learning and new things to do would LOVE school. They didn't. They were always thrilled when it was the weekend or a bank holiday.

Home education is a great alternative and the kids who are home educated are incredibly well socialised, educated and are exactly the sort of people you want your future to be built by.

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