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04 July 2009


A Modern Mother

I must have some French in me because I love coffee too (and I'm a Cafe Nero girl as well).

LOVED you coffee shop observations. So true. And a coffee shop is the perfect place to sit a look (in between herding kids).


I'm a self-confessed coffee addict and my daughter seems to be following in my footsteps - she keeps bargaining with me for a sip of coffee. What have I done? She's 2 years old!

... Must have been all those coffee mornings when she was first born ...


Brilliant post :)

I'm definitely a coffee shop mum. WHenever anyone suggests meeting up, I suggest Neros :)
This time of year, Caramel Frappe Lattes are my best friend :)

Joanne Gaul

I'm also a coffee shop mum! Me, friends & family meet at Costa! yummy latte and my children enjoy a muffin x



I'm most definitely a coffee shop mum! My favourite is Dan & DeCarlo in East Finchley (http://www.reallykidfriendly.com/dandecarlo_2519.html) - his decaf coffee is amazing & rich, the staff are lovely & my little ones can't really do much damage. My 3 yo girl also loves the free babyccinos and flirting with the owner, Danny (OK, so do I). Good coffee & baby friendly atmosphere must run in the family - apparently Danny's dad founded Caffe Nero.

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