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18 August 2009


Farhan Rehman

It is indeed a mystery why sometimes it happens straight away, and other times it takes so long. I know from my own family that we've got some family members who've been trying and trying, and many years on, still no success. With others in my family it took many years, and then all of a sudden the kids just started popping out every few years, much to their delight.

My Dad occasionally talks about how, God only gives kids to those parents who are ready to have them..

Being religious, I'd agree to a point. But more importantly, I think sometimes, the process of trying, and waiting patiently and just persevering is the hardest challenge. And depending on how badly you want it, eventually you'll succeed.

Like so many things in life that are worthy of having, the more patience you need to have, and the longer you have to wait, the sweeter the fruits of that waiting become. Perhaps sometimes we just need to learn to relax more, and trust that things will happen in their own time, as they need to??

I've given up trying to even predict when I might have kids, let alone expecting them as my perogative, simply because I haven't even managed to find a suitable spouse to spend my life with. But I guess the less I say about that the better.

Well, well done for having the courage and determination to hang in there, and keep trying.. I guess it's a lesson for other couples out there that are trying that sometimes it just takes a bit of time, and apart from patience, and consistence, there isn't much else to do, other than eat right, exercise, supplement, and keep on trying.

Thanks for sharing.

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