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07 August 2009


Insomniac Mummy

I'm afraid I have no brilliance to blind you with and have pretty much had a total meltdown even trying to think of any ideas!

The best I can offer is to wish you good luck!


wow. that's a challenge & a half!
are you actually going on the boat trip yourself? what's it all in aid of? sounds very very brave!!

as for ideas, hmm.
i used to live on tesco value pasta & chopped tinned tomatoes at uni - cheap & filling!
And tinned macaroni cheese is a lot tastier than you'd think!

and as for milk - I don't know how long that super long life stuff lasts for? but i don't *think* you have to keep it in the fridge?

or what about powdered milk?

and for baked goods - would probably have to be a treat & it's a bit spendy - but what about those cupcake mixes that you just add water to?

Good luck!!

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