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28 August 2009



Surely you have missed some?
11. Redecorate all pale clothing in manner that not even a 90 degree wash can eradicate
12. Hurl at unsuspecting passers by
13. Prick self repeatedly
14. Smear purple on your siblings faces

On reflection I prefer yours

A Modern Mother


Also get stung by Nettles...


We call them brambles of course... I love making jam or jelly out of them. Jam if I'm lazy (I don't mind the bits) and jelly if I feel adventurous.

A Modern Mother

I'll have to try jelly too.

Home Office Mum

I;ve got loads of apple and blackberry jelly this year. Lovely because no seeds but you get a major arm work out trying to sieve all the seeds out.

Marilyn @Naturalmat

Blackberries are my favourite berry and I had no idea about Blackberry Cranachan. I will be trying some of these recipes out and letting you know how they go!

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