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15 October 2009


Jessica (@It's my life...)

It definitely sounds like you're in trouble lassie. Whatever you do don't pick up a Diana Gabaldon book! Instead I think you need to come home for a quick re-Americanization! We'll eat peanut butter and and and... wait? What do we Americans do that's so special? Is peanut butter really the only thing that separates us from the rest of the world?

Rosie Scribble

You got postage stamps in the sale? Perhaps in a recession we should all 'turn' Scottish.Not sure about calling people wee lassie though!!


You think you've got problems! My Englishman is from North Yorkshire and is well, to put it bluntly, tighter than a nun's nancy with the purse. On our recent honeymoon in Scotland he booked a room in a guest house with a shared bathroom. Bless him! I mean I'd got my head around Edinburgh instead of Ecuador for our special time away but a SHARED BATHROOM on a honeymoon?

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